Recruitment & selection training

Recruitment & selection training

At Jones Reynolds, we have many years of experience sourcing the best candidates, writing technical job descriptions for clients, advising on team structures, and then successfully recruiting those teams. We are frequently asked by internal talent teams and individuals for advice around talent engagement, retention, and keeping track of candidates in the market.

Training is provided to individuals and talent teams who are looking for updates, new ideas, or even a refresher. In these sessions, we explore selling and understanding roles, getting to know your potential hires, retention of current hires, structures and ways of working, process management, and even a little psychology.

In these sessions, we explore:

  • Sourcing talent. Where and how?
  • Interview techniques
  • Overall process management
  • Managing the diaries of time-pressed internal stakeholders with busy candidates
  • Writing adverts that capture the imagination and sound less generic
  • With many areas to recruit into, resources you can use to quickly understand, and articulate positions to experienced potential hires
  • Keeping track of potential future hires and staying on top of the markets
  • Standing out from the competition, especially if budgets are lower
  • Talent retention

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