Our commitment


Candidates should expect to be always treated in a respectful, supportive, and understanding manner. Jones Reynolds is founded on the idea that the word 'consultant' comes first, and 'recruitment' comes second.
When opportunities are brought to your attention, you should be able to gain comprehensive information from the consultant's insight on the company, team, and culture and receive clear communication throughout the process.

Our commitment to our candidates:


  • In every relationship, we will ensure you are given the necessary information to be able to make informed decisions and you will be kept fully briefed throughout.

Discretion and confidentiality

  • Your trust is highly important to us. All information is hosted on fully GDPR compliant servers and systems.
  • Your information will not be shared with any opportunities or clients without your consent and prior knowledge.

Thorough understanding

  • You will be fully briefed and aware of the opportunity and the scope of responsibilities, the teams, and the culture.


  • If registered, you will be kept fully briefed on roles which we believe you are suited.
  • At every step of a process, you will be kept fully aware and given expected timelines.


  • At the end of a process, whether successful or not, you should reflect on a well-run process with a consultant who truly cares and will do their best in order to ensure that you work with us again.


Clients will be treated with utmost respect and professionalism. They will be kept fully briefed throughout any process and will receive exceptional quality, clarity, understanding, execution, collaboration, and delivery. Candidates will be met and interviewed, and clients will be provided with reasons why the candidate has been submitted which may include observed technical aptitudes, and observations around levels of professionalism, character, and insight.

Our Commitment to our clients:


  • Confidential information will be treated as such. At all points, your consultant will work with professionalism and integrity.

We listen, consult, and provide solutions

  • Your consultant will ask questions around the role, team, and culture and find out what has and has not worked in your recruitment process to date. They will provide insight into the market with honesty and clarity and then collaborate with you to arrive at the best solution.


  • Both the client and candidates in the process will be kept fully briefed on progress and updates on both sides. Both sides should reflect on a well-communicated process.

Delivery and aftercare

  • On acceptance of an offer, our service and commitment does not end. We will be there for the client and candidate throughout the onboarding and thereafter.


  • Your confidence and confidential information is of utmost importance to us. All information is hosted on GDPR compliant servers and any information shared will be information you have given consent to be shared. Please see our website privacy policy which contains information about your personal data and its use HERE. For our overall company privacy policy, please contact Enquiries@Jonesreynolds.co.uk.


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