Corporate recruitment partner

Corporate Recruitment Partner (Outsourcing Partner)

A recruiter needs to represent your business with a full breadth of understanding as to the positions, business, and culture and to articulate this to potential hires with clarity and insight. If you like a recruiter and they represent your business well, then this can often be the catalyst that ensures the procurement of great talent. As your recruitment partner, we are acting as an extension of your business.

We are being asked about our corporate recruitment partner function after having represented existing clients in our core functions or from referrals from existing clients. If you are interested in enquiring about this service, please contact us at

Disciplines outside of legal where we are currently adding value:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Sales
  • Technical and engineering
  • Technology

Disciplines where we would be interested in collaborating with clients:

  • Life Sciences
  • Procurement

Our Commitment:

  • We listen.
  • We learn about the company and the position in fine detail.
  • We represent your businesses and your positions in the best possible light with your potential future hires.
  • We ensure that candidates reflect on a well-managed recruitment process and you see the best talent available.

Corporate Recruitment Partner case study with Google reviews - Senturion Key

Corporate recruitment partner
Corporate recruitment partner

Jones Reynolds proudly collaborated with Senturion Key in the recruitment of their sales and tech team for the opening of their new flagship store at 8 Berkley Square, Mayfair. The various processes required consideration into future strategy, team dynamics, and harmony, combined with securing best-in-class talent.

Senturion Key was a superb company to work with. They focused on the best talent and were communicative and open throughout, resulting in securing their first choice in each process despite much competition and the candidates securing multiple offers.

Senturion Key combines stylish timepieces and jewelry with function in the form of a key to your Supercar. Senturion Key uses top industry designers and engineers, and first-class materials including Gibeon Meteorite to design each piece for the wearer.

If interested to know more:

"Jones Reynolds provides an outstanding and superior recruitment service. The time spent to research, vet, and source the highest calibre of candidates is truly outstanding. Oliver Jones is the consummate professional to work with and his experience in law, operations, and ability to handle delicate yet complex situations, especially at the contractual stage of any negotiation is second to none. SENTURION KEY tasked Oliver with a number of niche and challenging job roles and he delivered us the perfect team ahead of schedule. I can not recommend his services enough for any recruitment search you may have."

Amber Hicks (Head of Operations), Senturion Key

A review from a superb candidate in this process who received 3 offers from various high-profile businesses and chose Senturion Key:

"I've had the privilege of being a candidate and being placed in my new role through Oliver. He is thorough, extremely professional and most importantly he listens to your needs and concerns - there was never any pressure and I felt very empowered. If you have ever dealt with recruitment companies sometimes the business supersedes the humanity and this was never the case with Jones Reynolds. I can not emphasise enough how great my experience was. In a time where so many of us have been misplaced in the working world, it's been so reassuring and great to know that I was in safe hands at every step of the process."

Quyen Nguyen ( Sales Manager), Senturion Key