Corporate recruitment partner

Corporate Recruitment Partner (Outsourcing Partner)

A recruiter needs to represent your business with a full breadth of understanding as to the positions, business, and culture and to articulate this to potential hires with clarity and insight. If you like a recruiter and they represent your business well, then this can often be the catalyst that ensures the procurement of great talent. As your recruitment partner, we are acting as an extension of your business.

Oliver originally comes from a legal background and has enjoyed a fast-track career at a global recruitment company where he has managed and developed a team. He has many years of successfully recruiting for clients of all sizes and in most sectors across the South, consulting on team structures, dynamics and recruiting award-winning legal teams. Oliver founded Jones Reynolds in the belief that more value can be offered to clients and candidates and that recruitment and the procurement of talent is a high-value skill. Bringing the right new talent into a company can ensure positive change, ideas and action, resulting in faster growth, better reputation and greater overall market share.

We are being asked about our corporate recruitment partner function after having represented existing clients in our core functions or from referrals from existing clients. If you are interested in enquiring about this service, please contact Oliver directly at

Disciplines outside of legal where we are currently adding value:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Technical and engineering
  • Technology

Disciplines where we would be interested in collaborating with clients:

  • HR
  • Life Sciences
  • Procurement

Our Commitment:

  • We listen.
  • We learn about the company and the position in fine detail.
  • We represent your businesses and your positions in the best possible light with your potential future hires.
  • We ensure that candidates reflect on a well-managed recruitment process and you see the best talent available.